The 2020 election is less than 100 days out.  As we look ahead to the election, we can anticipate two very different outcomes for America.  Through crisis and pandemic, President Trump has promoted law and order.  Meanwhile his adversary Joe Biden has grown increasingly radical and promoted mob mentality.  President Trump has made better deals for the American people while Biden promises to tax them more and support radical policies.  Breaking down the candidates’ stances and actions, we can predict what America’s future may look like. 

     A key difference between President Trump’s platform and Biden’s is his promise to keep America first.  That includes making deals with foreign nations which prioritize American wellbeing and safety.  China has proved itself again in recent years that they are no ally to the United States.  China’s deceit and grave mishandling of the coronavirus has caused death and strife for countless Americans.  After this, it was revealed that the Chinese consulate in Houston was used for spying on the US. In response, President Trump forced the consulate to close while Chinese representatives burned their intel in the location.  With deteriorating relations, Trump proposed other Chinese embassies may also close. 

     Despite China’s lacking relations, Joe Biden has been a proponent of the communist Chinese government for decades.  Recently, he has stated that he will ensure America continues to work with the WHO and China regarding global health.  This announcement came after President Trump declared the US would no longer support the WHO.  A UN organization which has been proven to collaborate and cover for China’s handling of covid-19.  Giving more money to a fraudulent UN subsidiary will not help American’s safety or wellbeing. 

     Economically, Joe Biden will halt America’s growth.  While serving as vice president, the Obama-Biden administration let America take  21 months to recover from recession.  Their administration saw the worst economic recession since World War II.  This great hit to the economy required 21 months for 7.5 million jobs to be regained.  

     In comparison, President Trump has led America through an unseen pandemic.  After an alarming economic fallback and spike in unemployment rates, the US added a staggering 7.5 million jobs to the economy in just two months.  

     This Great American comeback cannot be expected to continue if Biden is in office.  His record of stagnating the economy is unbelievable, and will continue if elected in 2020.  While serving as a senator, Biden proudly supported NAFTA- a disastrous trade deal for the US which has just been renegotiated by Trump.  The deal made with Canada and Mexico killed over 700,00 jobs and deteriorated our manufacturing industry.  As prescient, Biden cannot be trusted to grow the economy when his plans are proven to harm its growth.

     The American people have the choice of prosperity or struggle for their future.  Approaching this crossroad, Americans need to vote and use their civil liberties to promote a Trump victory this November. 


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