Joe Biden has publicly vowed to defund the police in his 2020 campaign bid.  Following the alarming rates of increased violence across America, it seems the last thing major cities should do is cut their police force.  However Biden is willing to put American’s safety in peril to obtain support from radical voters and elites who support the movement.

     Looking at 20 cities which have had increased violence, 17 are under Democratic control.  Two have been Independent, and only one Republican.  Joe Biden and the left have stayed soft on crime and allowed Americans to die in their greatest cities. This year Chicago has already had a 51% increase in homicides and New York City has experienced 23%.

      After sending federal law enforcement to Chicago and Albuquerque, President Trump said, “To look at it from any standpoint, the effort to shut down policing in their own communities has led to a shocking explosion of shootings, killings, murders, and heinous crimes of violence”.

     This is a wake up call to Americans questioning the role of police.  Since a war has been waged on our officers, lives have been lost.  Businesses destroyed.  Violence unregulated.  In Minneapolis alone, 275 people have been victims of gun crimes this year.  This is because with limited law enforcement resources, police cannot adequately protect and serve. 

     Biden and other leftists have started the dismantling of police with no other viable option prepared.  Talks of community initiatives are shared from them to the media.  But no promises are made to the American people of how they will actually be protected.

     Following the trend of destruction the anti-police movement has brought- standards of public safety can be forgotten.  With Joe Biden serving as executive, societal integrity and public safety are lost. 

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