Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, President Trump has displayed the merits of true leadership.  Despite the force of leftist media saying otherwise, the president’s approval ratings continue to increase.  President Trump’s rally for bipartisan cooperation has allowed for the largest stimulus package to pass in the United States.  Additionally, the president has taken many steps to ensure affected individuals will receive proper testing and healthcare.  

     According to recent polling, ABC News reports that 55% of Americans approve of the president’s management of the coronavirus crisis. The Hill reports that 61%  of registered voters said they strongly or somewhat agree that the Trump administration is taking strong enough measures to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19”.  Additionally, Trump’s presidential approval ratings sit higher than ever.

     President Trump’s rising approval status represents his timely action and emphasis on aiding working Americans.  As a leader, he has shown immense competency and desire to aid Americans as fast as possible. In contrast, Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi has seen a tumble in American approval.  According to The Hill, a mere 27% of Americans believe Speaker Pelosi should remain as leader of the House. Instead of rushing to aid the American People, Pelosi acted as a pundit for her own causes.  Nearly sabotaging the coronavirus relief bill, Pelosi failed to display a proficiency that is expected of our leaders in times of need. 

     Not letting a crisis go to waste, Speaker Pelosi managed to hijack senate proposals of the bill.  Nearly derailing bipartisan efforts, the relief bill was proposed to include funding for art endowments, Obama-phones, student loan forgiveness, and post office bailouts.  The 1,432-page bill also demanded diversity initiatives, the restructuring of corporate boards, and environmental regulations. Pelosi did not care about helping America, she only wanted to help her party.

     In the face of this irresponsibility, the Trump administration and Senate managed to pass the bill.  America’s future remains promising as recovery steps are implemented. Trump is working hard to help America, and America is noticing.

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