On March 13th, 2020, Governor Tim Walz declared Minnesota’s state of emergency.  Since this declared state of emergency began, every Minnesotan has experienced the ill effects of statewide lockdown.  Children’s education has been compromised, small businesses unsupported, and healthy living diminished.  Now after months of strife, Tim Walz states he no longer endorses the use of lockdowns.

     This announcement came shortly after the World Health Organization announced its critique of widespread lockdowns.  Dr. David Nabarro of the WHO states, “We need to reach a sustainable situation where we have adequate control of this virus without shutting down our lives entirely, or lurching from lockdown to lockdown — which has a hugely detrimental impact on societies”.

     There have been serious repercussions to restricting the economy and policing Americans’ socialization.   It is estimated that 100,000 small businesses have closed due to covid-19 regulations.  Additionally, the CDC reports that Americans have had elevated mental health challenges and increased substance abuse. 

     Walz did not say he would never put the state into lockdown again.  However, he did critique the use of enforced lockdowns in a press briefing on the matter.  Walz states, “But no, I just don’t think it’s sustainable, I don’t think you can continue over the long haul”.

     With the possibility of increased coronavirus cases arriving this winter, Walz must better inform Minnesotans on how a spike in cases will be handled.  Right now in Europe, covid-19 cases have increased as winter approaches.  The same trend is possible to occur in the US as well.  The people of Minnesota cannot afford to enter a lockdown state again and sacrifice their ability to work.  As Walz continues to renew his emergency powers, he is obligated to be transparent about his intentions with the public. 

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