Our nation suffered a great loss this weekend due to the evil acts carried out in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Amidst this time of grief in our country, the gun control debate has taken center stage. Instead of coming together as a country to stand united against the evils of mass shootings, we have used them to drive a wedge between our fellow Americans. Despite our differences, there are constitutional actions we can take to stop mass shootings

Many people advocate for strict gun control laws. They hope that these laws will stand in the way and prevent mass shootings from happening again. However, gun control laws pose as threats to constitutional rights and are heavily opposed. Those opposed to gun control laws advocate for the second amendment.

No one wants another mass shooting to take place. No one in the right mind approves of gun violence.

Unfortunately, those for and against gun control laws are locked in a screaming match and are ignoring the main cause of gun violence. The root of all gun violence if evil. Guns do not murder, video games do not pull the trigger, and those who advocate for the Second Amendment do not cause these attacks. Mass shootings are caused by the mass shooter. The person responsible for the act is the person that carried it out. 

To stop a problem, you must go to the source. This means we must turn to the individuals who carry out these acts. These people have an evil purpose and an evil mindset. They set out on their mission with a dark force driving them. They have intense mental health problems. 

The Secret Service released a study, where they found that 93% of the public mass shootings in 2018 involved a suspect with a dark troubled past and 67% of the shooters displayed symptoms of mental health issues. They were not of sound mind and did not receive help. Taking action when an individual displays concerning behaviors is a necessary step we need to take. Legitimate action to get someone with those concerns away from a place where they can harm others or themselves is a step not being taken. It needs to be fixed.

We are in a day and age where countless individuals have turned inward, to themselves to find purpose in their lives. They do not have a goal other than personal success. Driven by selfish motives creates a world of taking and does not allow forgiving. This world is not friendly. For those struggling with mental health, specifically those haunted by extraordinary evil, need a friendly world to find healing. Checking in with distant friends, reaching out to the isolated, and even smiling at a stranger are all examples of ways we can reach out to our immediate community and help. If we cannot overcome the evils in our daily lives, we cannot overcome the greater evils plaguing our society.

If we were to work backward here and, add kindness and self-sacrifice back into our daily lives, then approach mental health quicker and better, we will be able to take legitimate action and tackle the issues behind mass shootings without violating constitutional rights. We have to start with what we can do in our daily lives to help others.

The issue behind mass shootings lies in the existence of evil in our daily lives. Fixing it there, then tackling our broken mental health system will help put an end to mass shootings. There is no need to make this a divisive issue. At the end of the day, you cannot violate someone’s constitutional rights as gun control laws would do, and we cannot end these tragedies without action. 

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