Amy Klobuchar announced in a  New York Times op-ed that we must radically change voting laws to encourage everyone to vote by mail.  What Klobuchar neglected to include in the piece is the increased fraud potential that comes with mass voting by mail. 

Klobuchar’s argument stakes two claims.  The first being, “If voting by mail is good enough for President Trump, it’s good enough for all Americans”.  And secondly, that “In a democracy, no one should be forced to choose between health and the right to vote”.  

The issue with Klobuchar’s first statement is that there is a difference between a limited portion of the population voting absentee when not physically able to vote in person and the population voting by mail.  If an individual has extenuating circumstances and cannot physically attend their polling station, absentee voting is acceptable.  We must, however, admit that without the supervision of election officials, countless mail-in ballots can be forged and altered.  

Absentee voting has a problematic track record associated with it.  For example in  January of 2019, Judicial Watch found 1.5 million inactive voters from voter rolls in Los Angeles.  These were accounts of deceased or underage voters.  These were fraud numbers found in just one city.  Large scale absentee voting will likely result in a fraudulent catastrophe. 

Klobuchar additionally noted that no one should be forced to choose between health and voting.  That argument is insincere. There is no evidence to show that voting in person would be dangerous in November if proper CDC guidance is followed.  The benefits of voting at the polls included supervision, security, and accountability that your cast ballot will be treated equally.  

It seems that Klobuchar must be reminded- that America’s demographics and population varies across the nation.  Most of America is not nearly as ill-affected as New York.  Currently, 66 of Minnesota’s 86 counties have 0-10 coronavirus cases.

To ensure the legitimacy of the 2020 election, the polls must remain open for the majority of Americans who are healthy.  If Klobuchar’s plan is successful, corruption and fraud will be inevitable.

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