Minneapolis’ City Council and Minnesota House have formally declared racism as a public health emergency.  Evidently racism causes cancer and diabetes in Minneapolis.  Mayor Jacob Frey states, “Systemic racism is among the greatest long-term threats our city and nation are facing”.  This resolution is just one more way the left has tried to disrupt society and deepen political division.

     We have seen Minneapolis’ leftist leaders fail to keep civility in their city.  After defunding the police, criminal activity has increased.  All the while, council members remained protected with tax funded private security.  Now, they have deemed racism a public health crisis as an attempt to divide the population even more.  The council’s resolution focuses on white racism targeting blacks.  They declared racism against blacks causes “cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, high infant and maternal mortality rates demonstrating that racism is the root cause of social determinants of health”.

     Shortly after this announcement was made, the State House of Representatives also deemed racism a public health crisis.  Democrat Ruth Richardson was a chief author of the resolution.  Richardson states, “This is about advancing and promoting equitable opportunity across all of our systems, in the areas of health, education, housing, public safety, and economic and workforce development”.  The House intends to pass additional legislation which will supposedly dismantle racism further. 

     Racism and prejudices live in the minds of individuals.  To say that every agency and industry is partnered in white supremacy is absurd.  The left is succeeding in dividing the American people over the account of their race.  No American can be understood by their race alone, yet that is what Minnesota’s left wing politicians have promoted.  We need leaders who will go beyond playing identity politics and work to unite Americans. 

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