What We Do

Freedom Club

The Freedom Club is a 501c4 non-profit corporation organized to educate the public about conservative principles and economic prosperity.  Our members understand the impact of out-of-control wasteful government spending, high taxes, burdensome regulation and big government.  That is why we support the following principles:

  • Smaller Government
  • Lower Taxes
  • Less Spending
  • Freedom of Employment
  • Election Integrity

Over the last several years, the Freedom Club has been at the forefront of the technological boom using both newly developed and trusted means to communicate with the public.  The Club has invested heavily in largest field program in Minnesota, online advertising, social media, direct mail, television, focus groups, polling and more to ensure the right message is presented in the right way to the right audience.

Issue advocacy continues to be the core of what the Club is about.  We need your help to continue educating the public in order to ensure Minnesota and the United States is the best place to live, work and raise a family for our generation and many more to come.

Freedom Club State PAC

The Freedom Club State PAC supports Minnesota candidates with direct contributions or with independent expenditures.

Over the last several years, the Freedom Club State PAC has spent millions supporting conservative Minnesota candidates for public office.  Between the 2010 and 2016 election, Freedom Club State PAC supported candidates won over 70% of the time.  The Freedom Club State PAC spends more money supporting conservative candidates than any other PAC in Minnesota.

Freedom Club Federal PAC

The Freedom Club Federal PAC supports federal candidates with direct contributions or with independent expenditures.

Over the years, the Freedom Club Federal PAC has supported many candidates who successfully went on to represent Minnesota in Washington D.C.  These candidates include: Congressman Jason Lewis, Congressman Tom Emmer, Senator Norm Coleman, Congressman Erik Paulsen, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congressman John Kline, Congressman Mark Kennedy, and Congressman Gil Gutknecht to name a few.