History of The Freedom Club

The Freedom Club was created nearly 20 years ago to spread the conservative message and support conservative candidates for state and federal office. The Freedom Club has supported hundreds of candidates and has been instrumental in electing Republicans such as Governor Tim Pawlenty, Senator Norm Coleman and Congresswoman Michelle Bachman. In 2010 the Freedom Club led the way in putting the Minnesota legislature in Republican control for the first time in state history. Even though Minnesota has not voted for a Republican Presidential candidate since Richard Nixon, the Freedom Club has been able to help maintain a Republican presence for the last 20 years. Freedom Club was behind the 2014 rural Minnesota wins for Minnesota House and the historic State Senate Republican takeover in 2016.

In 2018, we will work to put conservatives in the statewide offices.

Not only is the Freedom Club instrumental in Minnesota, but candidates and groups from across the nation make it a priority to visit with the Freedom Club when they are in Minnesota.